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You Can Dance

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All About YOU

Making Your Dance Goals

Having taught, performed and competed in Ballroom, Country, Swing, West Coast Swing and Latin partner dancing for over 30 years I've done and seen about every goal one can have to dance and I respect the simplicity or complexity of those goals and only desire to get you to them economically and efficiently with private dance lessons or group dance lessons. I don't want to change your goals to what is "profitable" or takes a long time.

Do you want to:
Sweep her off her feet?
Impress someone?
Meet Someone?
Buy a Gift?
Go from Duck to Swan?
Stop sitting on the sideline?
Earn points with ...?

Dance can be about making memories, fun, passion, exercise, socializing, entertainment, accomplishment ... you name it - we can get you there!

What I Offer

Results That Transform YOUR Movement to Comfortable Social, Performance or Competitive Dancing

Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Dance Instructor; someone who knows the subject well and understands how to break the material into useful practical pieces that can be applied easily toward skill and competence. My teaching style focuses on FUN while cultivating what's "right" and making it "better" not on what's wrong or bad about what you do. Working on skills training, but also emphasizing the desired results and discovering a passion for something new. Take a look at the lessons I provide and choose a place to start. Sometimes a mixed program of Group and Private lessons is the best way to go. Unsure? Reach out and we can discuss your goals first to find the best route whether you want dance lessons for Ballroom, Latin, Country, Swing or West Coast Swing.

One-on-One Lessons

Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

Want sweep her off her feet?
Dance is on the Bucket List?
Always wanted to but ...?
Tired of sitting?
If they can do it ... I can too?
Turn from Duckling to Swan?
Social Exercise?
What's your goal for dance? If you aren't sure I can help you define it and get there as smoothly as possible. Dance very well may change your life!

In Private Lessons

Couples or Wedding Lessons

Share Special Moments with Dance

Connect, Re-connect, Have a hobby together, find a new social community to enjoy, rekindle energy and passion ... these things and more are available through exploring and learning to dance together. Whether it's for your first dance starting a new life together or starting a new segment of life together dance can be fun and interesting and YES - Easy! We'll get you on the floor enjoying the music and each other quickly and comfortably.

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Group Lessons

Social Fun Dance Education

Group Lessons are the most economical and friendly way to learn and practice toward good dance skills.
You don't need to have a partner because you will dance with all the other gender students, making new friends and finding partners to practice with.
If you have a partner you can also dance with others to get the full understanding of the lead and follow experience for good dancing.


Routine Groups

Learn Performance Material with a Group or Team

Routine Groups allow a student to boost their skills and style with a team of fellow dancers.
Performing can be an option.
I usually direct 1 or 2 Routine Groups a year. Each of them concentrate on 1 or 2 dance styles with a routine of set choreography. Often the material is mostly geared toward good social dance skills so that the material will be useful in your social dancing as well as for performance.

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Social Dance Practice Parties or Nights Out

Studio or Night Club Practice Dancing

I love to social dance and like to get you out in an environment where I can help you apply your new skills. At least once a month I either host a dance or go out to Ballroom, Country, Salsa or other dance Night Clubs. I'll invite you when I go and help you get started or remind you of what you know. It also helps me plan your lessons, seeing what happens in a real dance environment.


Dance Vacations

Fun, Friendly, Vacations with Lessons and Social Dancing

How about learning, practicing and visiting fun exotic destinations. A truly active adventure. I've taken 30 - 460 dancers and some not dance family to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, New Zealand and Australia, South America ... 2017 is being planned!

Contact Me

I’m here to make learning to dance easier and more enjoyable for you. Contact me even if you just need advise. I will refer you to another instructor if it better suits your needs. But I would love to help you meet your goals!


PO Box 141192, Irving, TX 75014




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Dance Events and Vacations

Swingin' At Sea 2021 TBD


This years Dancing Vacation Party is a week cruising ??? with other dancers. Call or email to get on the more information list.


Fun and flexible

Beata was easy to work with, easy to follow, and excited to help us find a fun and flexible routine for our first dance at our wedding!!!


Working with Beata is wonderful!

Our experience was great. We did line dance lesson. They were fun for everyone. The pace worked for first timers as well as the experienced. Beata is the best.

Judy T

The first thing you notice when taking dance lessons from Beata is her unlimited passion for dancing and teaching dance. Not only is she a professional dancer with a wealth of knowledge, she can also relate to us two-left-footed humans. She tailors her instruction according to your ability, experience and goals. Beata is very flexible in her teaching style. If something is not working for you or if there is a better way for you to learn a dance move, she will not hesitate to adjust her teaching. Her number one goal is to make you a better dancer.

Karl S

We thoroughly enjoy our dance lessons with Beata! She is a very dependable, reliable and organized dance instructor. She has a way breaking things down in a way that makes it easy to grasp. Beata sincerely cares about her students and brings a high level of enthusiasm to her lessons. We can really see the improvement Beata has made in our dancing!

David & Jane C

Qualifications That Make a Difference

Career Experience


Nine years of Ballet from 4 to 16. Social Hip Hop. Some Cheer, folk, Tap, Jazz ...
Trained with Arthur Murray Studios for Ballroom and Latin in 1980 - 82. I have expanded my training independently throughout my career.

Dance Instructor/Coach

I've taught Ballroom, Country, Swing and Latin part or full time for over 35 years. I've been an independent instructor full time since 1994. My student have ranged in age form 6 to in their 90s, all shapes sizes and goals. Single students up to groups of 700+. I've taught in 35 states and 15+ countries.

Competitor Performer

3 time US Open Swing Dance Champion. Many National Swing titles. Awarded Instructor.

Judge / Chief Judge

As a Champion Dancer I have regularly been hired to Judge or act as Chief Judge for Regional and National competitions mostly in West Coast Swing but also for Country and Ballroom.

Hostess and Director of Dance Vacations

Since 2000 I have planned and Directed 4 - 21 Day Dance Vacations for 30 - 465 Dancers and their non-dance family and friends. We have traveled and danced in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, South America and New Zealand/Australia. Touring in the ports and a full schedule of different levels of dance classes and social dance parties when at sea or not diving.

Everything You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for a lesson?

Students come as they are from work, working out or home. But smooth soled shoes are a valuable item after the first couple of lessons. Usually the first lesson or 2 it's OK to wear a crepe or sole with a grip but there will be some turning eventually that can put wear and tear on your ankles and knees for hips. Smooth soled shoes solve that. For ladies, low or flat shoes to learn and once you get a bit of experience you can mix heel heights.

How much do you charge for your teaching services?

This can be found on the booking pages but here are some basics:
First 2 Private Lesssons are $60 each 55 minute hour ( all lessons include studio fees)
Private Lessons $75 for 55 minute hour (1 - 4 people included) (( I do offer discounts for prepaid packages of 5 or 10 lessons))
Wedding Lessons $60 for a 55 minute hour (1 - 4 people included)
Group Lessons average $10 per hour per person
Private Lessons on Site minimum $100 an hour
Group Lessons on Site minimum 2 hours total $300 (additional hours $75)
Routine Groups average $10 per hour per person and are usually 2 hour lessons

Where do you hold your lessons?

mornings and afternoons vary.
Mondays in Hurst
Tuesdays in Carrollton
Wednesdays in Design District
Thursdays in Hurst
Fridays vary
Saturday 9 - 12 in Hurst
Saturday 1 - 5 in Design District
Sundays 9 - 12 in Addison
Sundays 12:30 - 6 in Hurst

What if I already dance and just want to add to what I do?

I love to work with people that do their own thing and help them add embellishment or make it more useful, sometimes helping couples get on the same page for how lead and follow works. Many teachers only know what they have been taught is the "right way" ...My philosophy is - if it moves with the music and you and your partner are smiling - IT IS THE RIGHT WAY!

What should I ask an instructor?

Probably the first thing to do is ask yourself a few questions:
1. What music do you like and think you would want to dance to? list a couple favorite songs and let the teacher know you want to dance to those.
2. What venues do you want to feel comfortable in ... Bars, Weddings, Studio Parties ...?
Make sure the instructor is going to teach you toward your goals. You don't need to dance like Dancing with the Stars if you want to go to a Country Bar.
3. How much time will be spent talking? Some of the really good deals will talk 1/2 or more of the time and teach you 1 or 2 patterns. Yes, we will talk 5 or 10 minutes if we haven't established your goals by email or phone but you will learn 4 - 6 patterns on the first lesson with me.

Do I need to have a partner?

I lead and follow so I can qualified and experienced at teaching single men or women. Couples are also welcome.
If your goal is to be a popular social dancer meet people, and be able to dance with anyone - A disadvantage to ONLY dancing with a Pro is that the Pro will make it easy and respond perfectly most of the time. Once you gain some comfort I will frequently ask other students to join a lesson sometimes or share a lesson but they may be more advanced than you - this allows us to check that what you are learning works with more than just a pro.

Should I/We take from a male of female instructor?

COUPLES - Usually a teacher is going to have to dance with each of you at some point ... some men don't like to dance with other men but women don't mind it so much ... so often couples feel more comfortable with a female instructor at first but may move to a male as some point when needed.
SINGLE MAN STUDENT - Usually a female instructor to begin with. After you get competent you might want to have some lessons with a male instructor of get coaching from a male instructor while dancing with your teacher or another student.
SINGLE FEMALE STUDENT - If your goals are toward performance or competition then a male instructor is best. If you want to be a popular social follower you may want to consider taking from a Pro woman follower because she can relate the differences in leads and prepare you to dance with the majority of different leads - sometimes male Pros teach you do dance their style but there are many styles that social leaders learn.

Private Lesson or Group Lessons?

After 35 years of experience I have found that most students do very well getting the bulk of their material in Group Lessons and using Private Lessons to troubleshoot the material or techniques toward greater competence.
Group Lessons are more economical averaging 0 - 20 an hour per person around DFW.
Private Lessons range from $35 - $120 an hour.
BUT - many people feel uncomfortable jumping into a Group Lesson without at least a little idea of the lingo and what is expected. I can usually get someone prepared to get into group lessons in 2 - 4 Private Lessons BUT it is not required.

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Media Gallery

Here is a Winning Competition Routine from 1999 that has elements of Swing, Samba, Quick Step, Lindy and other dances. Find more videos on my Video Gallery page accessible in the menu bar on the top right.

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